LPC, South Port shares peak on merger speculation

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) shares have closed at a record high amidst renewed interest in the port sector and speculation of ports merging.

LPC shares yesterday closed 8c higher at 248c, a new peak in their 12-month range which saw them as low as 190c. Shares in South Port, based in Bluff, closed 10c higher at 250c, equalling this month’s record peak.

Port of Tauranga rose 14c to 699c, just off the top of its 12-month peak of 700c.

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Pigheaded Christchurch Council Unrepentant On Thwarted Lyttelton Port Sale

by Murray Horton

Watchdog 112 (August 2006) ran a very detailed cover story on the successful campaign to stop the Christchurch City Council from selling off the Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) to Hutchison Port Holdings of Hong Kong – “Lyttelton Port Company Sale Dead In The Water: We’ve Won The Battle, But Not Yet The War To Keep Our Port Public”, by Murray Horton, which can be read online at http://www.converge.org.nz/watchdog/12/01.htm Continue reading

Mayor refuses Keep Our Port Public petitioners speaking rights at Council

The Keep Our Port Public coalition (KOPP) has recently closed a petition, which gathered nearly 3,000 signatures, calling on the Christchurch City Council not to sell any of the Lyttelton Port Company to Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd of Hong Kong or any other foreign or New Zealand company, and for the Council to commit to keeping the Port Company in 100% public ownership. Continue reading

Letter of support from Japanese dock workers

Dear Members of the Christchurch City Council:

I am president of the All Japan Dockworkers Union, an organization of dockworkers in Japan. On behalf of the All Japan Dockworkers Union, I hereby request that the City Council does not allow the sale of any shares it owns on Lyttleton Port Company to Hutchinson Port Holdings of Hong Kong or Hutchinson to operate the port terminals. Continue reading

KOPP lays complaints on proposed Port of Lyttelton sale

The Keep Our Port Public coalition, which is spearheading the campaign against the Christchurch City Council’s (temporarily thwarted) proposal to sell the Lyttelton Port Company to Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd of Hong Kong, has laid detailed complaints against the Council with both the Auditor-General and Ombudsman. Continue reading